IceTime is the perfect compliment to the electronic flight bag (EFB).  IceTime is a nextgen tool designed from the ground up with the end user in mind.  IceTime utilizes a familiar and intuitive user interface (UI) for quickly and accurately calculating de-icing holdover times, while reducing training time and enhancing user proficiency. 

 IceTime reduces pilot workload.  The time between de-icing fluid application and takeoff is arguably the busiest and most challenging phase of ground operations.  Special checklists, non-normal procedures, reduced visibility and the pressure of holdover time expiration all conspire to challenge even the best trained and most disciplined flight crew during winter operations.  IceTime eliminates the tasks of following flowcharts to determine the correct data tables and searching the tables to identify the correct holdover information.  IceTime uses ATIS information, deicing fluid type and fluid concentration, and the time that deicing fluid application began to quickly and accurately look up the deicing holdover expiration time.  IceTime conveniently displays the deicing holdover expiration time and any notes or caveats pertaining to each specific deicing event.

 IceTime reduces risk.  The most common errors experienced during deicing operations are using an incorrect data table for determining deicing holdover times or obtaining data from the “wrong line” in the data table.  IceTime mitigates the risk of human error by performing the data look-up task electronically.  Each database used in IceTime is customized to contain only the holdover times approved for the airline by the FAA according to their operational specification.

IceTime saves money.  Today's airline industry demands an ever-increasing operational tempo in order to maximize asset management and the time value of capital. Despite the emphasis on operational efficiency, today's airlines and their goals of paperless cockpits continue to be plagued with antiquated look-up charts to obtain necessary operational data.  By ensuring the accuracy of deicing holdover times used, IceTime eliminates unnecessary returns for deicing fluid reapplication.  Additionally, the data captured by IceTime can be made available to dispatchers and operations personnel so they have a real-time picture of field conditions and holdover times to aid in planning and decision making. 

IceTime fosters sustainment initiatives.  Our natural resources have never been more valued than they are today.  IceTime’s all-electronic format eliminates the need for paper charts and tables on the flight deck to support deicing operations, thereby saving bales of paper per year and reducing the logistical footprint of printing, distributing and carrying paper copies of deicing holdover data.  Included in IceTime, is the ability to display all deicing holdover information in the traditional chart and table format.